Thursday, 18 July 2013

Salt and the human body

Salt and gastric juice
Saliva will immediately be excreted once salt is put into our mouth. Saliva is a remarkable digestive agents, nutrition and anti-cancer agents. Why is salt able to stimulate the excretion of saliva? Chlorine is the main element of salt; it can stimulate gastric juice therefore food is able to be digested once gastric juice is produced. Digestion means the process of absorbing nutrient from food we consume. It also means to transform the basic food of ours into strength-energy. Once our body is not supplied with sufficient salt, gastric juice will be reduced and our bodies will not be able to digest normally. If food that we have consumed cannot be digested normally, these people will not only suffer with dystrophy, but also accumulate the toxins, caused by the undigested decomposing food in such bodies. It will eventually cause many severe diseases and destroy our health in the end. Gastric, is said to be the “root” of one’s body, there are indeed some truths in it.

Salt and blood
As we all know that blood is constituted by red blood cells and white blood cells. Red blood cells deliver oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide (metabolism) however white blood cells devour germs. Therefore, the statement -“All diseases begin with unclean blood.” is said to be true. Supposing that there is only clean blood flowing through the whole body, diseases will automatically recover even though they are not treated. People often evaluate one’s health in accordance with the colour of the face. It has completely got the scientific proof. Iron is the needful component for white blood cells and stomach acid is the main material to digest iron. We know if one’s body doesn’t get enough salt’s intake, he may not be able to produce stomach acid and digest the iron. If the iron cannot be digested well, this body will also not be able to produce red blood cells. Finally, anaemia is caused: it means the body will lose its ability to deliver oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide and devour germs.     

In addition, salt possesses an outstanding blood cleansing effect. Salt involves in the pivotal actions to our body directly – The production of gastric juice and blood. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume a little amount of salt and inferior grade of salt, or even not to consume any salt completely, our bodies will collapse under this trivial point. Isn’t it an indisputable fact?

Humankind, every muscle over the body need physical training, is a living organism. The pulse of the heart can’t even halt for a second or a minute. Lungs - breath and pant, inhale, exhale. Intestines and stomach are responsible for food digestion. And sodium is the main component of salt which leads this muscle contraction movement; it is scientifically known as the "sodium pump" function. The heart, known as the "salt barrels", implies the barrels of salt. In other words, the throb of heart needs an adequate amount of salt. In view of this, inadequate salt or inferior quality of salt intake is one of the major causes of heart disease.

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